About us

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Gullers Grupp is a top tier, award-winning communications agency in Sweden. We have 175 employees in six offices (Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Sundsvall, Umeå and Luleå). We are a PROI Worldwide partner.

Our clients typically play central roles in society and in addressing its challenges. Whether public or private, established or newcomers, we help those actors communicate in complex environments that demand in-depth knowledge, trustworthiness, objectivity and transparency. We help societal actors achieve results, create new solutions, participate in the public debate and bring change – across the country.

Communication in the public arena is different. Influence comes from engaging multiple parties in dialogue with the goal of improving society. Good communication means contributing to a well-functioning democracy. This insight lends meaning to our daily work and determines how we approach tasks and develop solutions.

Areas of Expertise

We are a full-service agency in every sense of the word; we offer services across the entire communications spectrum. At Gullers Grupp, political scientists mix with UX designers, media specialists, art directors, journalists, sustainability experts and communication strategists – to name a few. We believe that a multitude of backgrounds, perspectives and skills leads to the best solutions to the most complex challenges. We’re united by a genuine interest in social issues.

We work at the intersection of four specialist areas – four parts that form a whole. We call it Edge:

From forecasting to messaging and choosing the right channels. Our work includes internal communication, crisis communication and strategic planning and advice.

From concepts to new logos and web design. Our work includes campaigns, film production and brand development.

From political processes to civil dialogue and advocacy. Our work includes surveys, public affairs and training spokespersons.

From analysis to prototypes and new digital services. Our work includes UX design, web development and app development.

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